Marine Licence issued to Moorings Developer 10 March 2022

On 10 March 2022 the developer received a Marine Licence from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to construct moorings at Watermans Park. We understand that the developer now has until December to complete Phase I of the moorings (which starts at the eastern end of the park and does not go quite as far west as the vessel Lis). There are, however, Local Planning and Marine Licence conditions to be fulfilled. The Marine Licence (Marine Licence L2022000401 issued by MMO 10 March 2022) includes permission to remove the timber boardwalk and install a reed bed as originally intended in 2016 and does not take account of the updated 2021 planning consent to retain the boardwalk. The Council assures us that the boardwalk will be restored and the permitted activities set out in the Marine Licence to remove it simply won’t take place.

We understand that the MMO did not specifically take up Friends comments on the Marine Licence application (see because they related to pre-exisitng Local Planning conditions that still need to be satisfied. You can find the MMO's response to the Friends here: MMO Response to Friends on Marine Licence Application

We are also puzzled that the developer’s Method Statement for constructing the moorings does not address demolition and removal of existing concrete and other structures in the river. At a public meeting on 29 March 2022 the Port of London Authority confirmed that a Demolition River Works Licence is required and there isn’t one currently in place. So it seems there are yet further procedures that must be completed before works can commence in the river. It is unclear at this stage how this will affect the timing of works.