Plans for a Community Garden

Earlier this year you may remember that we undertook a survey to gauge support for a community garden in the park.  You can find the results, which were strongly in favour, on the Council’s Parks Hub here on the back of which the Council have confirmed that they will support the Friends in creating a community garden subject to funding.  The next stage is to submit an Expression of Interest for a grant from the Thriving Communities Capital Fund which if successful would then proceed to a full application.

We have been discussing the garden with Cultivate London over many months. Cultivate, who run the wonderful Salopian Garden in Isleworth and other sites, would be able to help facilitate open meetings to finalise the design taking account of comments made in the survey responses, build the garden and hold volunteering sessions with adults and children.  Children at Green Dragon Primary School have given us lots of great design ideas.  If we can make the garden a reality it will enhance the park and become a valuable community asset.

Community Garden Design Concept


Philip Jones

Chair, Friends of Watermans Park

4 July 2024