Council's Plans for the Park: Virtual Meeting Thursday 15th July at 7pm until 8.30pm

Hounslow Matters Newsletter dated 9th July included an invitation to join a virtual meeting on Thursday 15th July at 7pm for the chance to hear and see the Council’s plans for the park. Please attend if you have time, you can register for the meeting here.

You may remember from our update in June that Rob Petrow, a landscape architect, had been engaged by the Council to update his 2016 landscaping plans to reflect the planned route of Cycleway 9, although it is not yet known when TfL will schedule C9 to be built. Rob has also taken account of the results of last month’s consultation on improvements to to the Children’s Play Area and will be presenting his updated plans on the 15th. You can find the results of the public consultation on improvements to the Children’s Play Area in June here. There was also great engagement from children at Green Dragon Primary School and St. Paul’s CofE Primary School who were asked about what type of activities they would like to do in the park.